Source code for restless.http

from django import http
from django.core.serializers.json import DjangoJSONEncoder

    # json module from python > 2.6
    import json
except ImportError:
    # use packaged django version of simplejson
    from django.utils import simplejson as json

__all__ = ['JSONResponse', 'JSONErrorResponse', 'HttpError',
    'Http200', 'Http201', 'Http400', 'Http401', 'Http403']

[docs]class JSONResponse(http.HttpResponse): """HTTP response with JSON body ("application/json" content type)""" def __init__(self, data, **kwargs): """ Create a new JSONResponse with the provided data (will be serialized to JSON using django.core.serializers.json.DjangoJSONEncoder). """ kwargs['content_type'] = 'application/json; charset=utf-8' super(JSONResponse, self).__init__(json.dumps(data, cls=DjangoJSONEncoder), **kwargs)
[docs]class JSONErrorResponse(JSONResponse): """HTTP Error response with JSON body ("application/json" content type)""" def __init__(self, reason, **additional_data): """ Create a new JSONErrorResponse with the provided error reason (string) and the optional additional data (will be added to the resulting JSON object). """ resp = {'error': reason} resp.update(additional_data) super(JSONErrorResponse, self).__init__(resp)
[docs]class Http200(JSONResponse): """HTTP 200 OK""" pass
[docs]class Http201(JSONResponse): """HTTP 201 CREATED""" status_code = 201
[docs]class Http400(JSONErrorResponse, http.HttpResponseBadRequest): """HTTP 400 Bad Request""" pass
[docs]class Http401(http.HttpResponse): """HTTP 401 UNAUTHENTICATED""" status_code = 401 def __init__(self, typ='basic', realm="api"): super(Http401, self).__init__() if typ == 'basic': self['WWW-Authenticate'] = 'Basic realm="%s"' % realm else: assert False, 'Invalid type ' + str(typ) self.status_code = 403
[docs]class Http403(JSONErrorResponse, http.HttpResponseForbidden): """HTTP 403 FORBIDDEN""" pass
class Http404(JSONErrorResponse): """HTTP 404 Not Found""" status_code = 404 class Http409(JSONErrorResponse): """HTTP 409 Conflict""" status_code = 409 class Http500(JSONErrorResponse): """HTTP 500 Internal Server Error""" status_code = 500
[docs]class HttpError(Exception): """Exception that results in returning a JSONErrorResponse to the user.""" def __init__(self, code, reason, **additional_data): super(HttpError, self).__init__(self, reason) self.response = JSONErrorResponse(reason, **additional_data) self.response.status_code = code